I know you that you are not aware that there are certain STIs that you can contract without having any symptoms? Based on science it been know  that our bodies show signs whenever we are infected but it’s not always so in the body of everyone, some people may contract deadly STIs and still be living healthy like there’s nothing wrong without even being aware.

So today I will be further explain some symptoms or disease that you can contract physically without showing any signs or effect .

So today I will be sharing about 3 that you haven’t heard or you didn’t notice it or you might have come across but you don’t know what it through mean.

Most of this disease can be contacted from one who has the disease to prevent such we advise you use condom when have s*xual fun.

What STIs Show No Symptoms In Some Cases?

1 .Human Papilloma Virus; this is perhaps the most commonly transmitted infection that in some cases can’t even be prevented with the use of a condom. Some strains of the virus can cause genital warts and even some deadly strains can cause cervical cancer while in most cases, carriers don’t show any symptoms and they can still transmit it to others regardless.

2. Trichomoniasis ; this is a common STI that has been proven to be asymptomatic in most cases. While it is asymptomatic, it can still be transmitted, contracted and even continuously cause the damages it causes to the body. So it is highly advjsable for you to use a condom or a form of protection if you are getting down with someone you are unsure of his or her status

3. Chlamydia ; this is a bacterial infection that is often professionally referred to as a silent infection. It is silent in the sense that, it doesn’t show any symptoms or signs when contracted. Though, in some cases, carriers show signs or symptoms like burning urination, coloured discharge from the private organ and pain during urination in some cases. But in most cases, it doesn’t show signs or symptoms but it can actively prevent a woman from getting pregnant and a woman from being able to impregnate a woman.


1.For Chlamydia, you need doxycycline 100mg two times daily with space of 12hr between doses for 7days.Most important remember to take food before drug because doxycycline can cause terrible stomach pains if taken without food.Also remember to treat both partners.(2) for trichomoniasis, take 2g of metronidazole orally, just once; meaning 10 tablets if each tablet is 200mg.Or 8tablets once if each tablet is 250mg.treat both partners as well.

2. Using a condom correctly every time you have s*X can help you avoid STDs. Condoms lessen the risk of infection for all STDs. You still can get certain STDs, like herpes or HPV, from contact with your partner’s skin even when using a condom.

3.Gynecologically there are numerous STDs/ STIs caused by both virus & bacterias of which are easily transmitted from woman to man bcuz of the nature of their reproductive organs. so personal hygiene & avoid multiple s*x partners is one of the best preventive measures to avoid contamination.

For more information please contact any professional doctor next to you.

Note: That this article is for educational purposes only use this at your own risk.

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