A Driver Wrote This At The Back Of His Car And People Can Not Stop Talking About It

Although Many people claim the current situation of ladies in our dispensation are not helpful in marriage. Many men claim a lot of ladies these days marry because of money or some wealth they probably can secure from the men. When the money gets finished or the wealth gets finished then the marriage becomes sour and the wife might end up leaving him or make life more meserable. The enjoyment which should have been in the marriage all starts to wither away.

A young man has joined the debate which has gone on for so many years. And the in interesting thing is this man decided to write the statement boldly at the back of his commercial vehicle. At the back of his car he wrote, “Mmaa aba mmoa nipa” to wit “Ladies nowadays are not helpful”.

Take a look at the picture below;After this picture hit social media, a lot of people have expressed their honest views on it.

Let’s see some comments from people;

What do you think about this news? Let us know what you think in the comment section.

Credit : Content created and supplied by: TheProgrammeNews (via OperaNews )

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