Bank Messenger Who Used to Wash Cups, Shocks Her Former Boss, As She Goes Back to School, Becomes a Banker

A big bank executive recently met a lady who used to be a messenger in one of the branches of the bank where he works
But the lady’s story had changed because she is no longer the tea girl who used to wash cups and deliver coffee cups to top management executive
She had gone back to school and studied and actually became a banker, in the same bank where she was a tea girl
A top bank executive has narrated the shock he felt the moment he ran into a girl who used to be a messenger in a branch where he worked. But the girl went back to school, developed herself and became a marketer in the same bank.
The man, Amaechi Okobi said he recently met Gloria who served as a tea girl in his work placed, but she has undergone some major transformations.
“My mind is blown and I couldn’t be prouder of this young lady. She tells me that she is a marketer responsible for recruiting customers to the bank. Her tray had been replaced with account opening forms and an iPad.”
Many people who reacted to the post on LinkedIn praised the girl for her resilience. In his reaction, Henry Otaigbe shared a similar story. He wrote in the comment section:
“This is great. Reminds me of another great guy by the name Yke. He started from being a cleaner in a bank, later became a bulk cash counter as a contract staff, updated himself, became a full time staff, kept at it working very hard, changed roles a couple of times with each becoming more intensive and later became the bonds trader in the same bank. Today, he is a Snr Management Staff of an asset management company in Nigeria.”


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