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Crazy Moment Alicia Sierra Tries To Escape Mr Professor and Marseille (PHOTO)

It’s been a long and difficult journey for the members of Money Heist’s Dalí gang, but it has finally come to a climactic end with the release of season five part two on Netflix.

In Season 5 , it would be recalled that Alicia Sierra manages to track down the Professor and take him hostage but by the end of the season, the duo appear to be working together.

Alicia Sierra was brought to the bank of Spain to continue interrogating Rio when he was taken into custody in episode 3.

Since things began to fall apart for Mr Professor she new all was over so she had to escape with her child to clear up her name so that she won’t be in prison with her son for the rest of her life.

Alicia Sierra was the reason why Mr Professor plan was destroy.

She had no other choice knowing fully well that she is the one that fully understand there plan but wetin ahead to making this difficult for Mr Professor and his team .

Despite the driving fast Mr Professor and Marseille couldn’t caught of with her.

Alicia Sierra shot the tyre of Marseille car leaving him with flat tyres running helter skelter.


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