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Crazy Moment Rio Tries To Use RPG After Losing Tokyo (PHOTO’S)

It’s been a long and difficult journey for the members of Money Heist’s Dalí gang, but it has finally come to a climactic end with the release of season five part two on Netflix.

Rio Seems to be one of the main character of the movie and has generated alot of followers following the love he had with his beloved wife Tokyo.

Rio at age 6 has been locking him self up in him room this mom thinks he was either reading or playing game but Rio was learning how to become a great hacker.

Rio was later captured by Alicia Sierra and was brutally tortured by Alicia Sierra and became the catalyst of a second robber.

We call can recall that Rio has everything it takes to find weapons on dark web.

The Moment Rio Try To Use RPG To Blow Up The Bank but was stopped by Mrs. Professor known as Raquel Murillo.


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