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Destiny Etiko Made Important Announcement today as her Fans React

Destiny Etiko is a popular Nigeria actress who has featured in over 300+ Nollywood movies she seems to be the highest paying and most featured actress in Nigeria and currently shooting more movies than any other actresses.

Destiny Etiko was accused of not picking up a fan during Snapchat live video fans has to force here to pick the leader she met on the road side during live.

Destiny Etiko ask here fans to help find the girl but here fans keeps telling her that she should be the one finding here because she no where the found the lady.

But unfortunately after so days of searching destiny Etiko found her and her mother and gifted her the sum of 500k for a start to.


Destiny Etiko ;

“Who missed my adopted daughter

Mark has really dealt with us by always

disabling all the accounts I have created for

Pls just wanna informu guys that we will be

opening another but with a different name

this time.

Thanks and we all u all”

It would have been recalled that her adopted daughter page was brought down after hitting 100k+ plus followers on her Instagram account. Destiny react saying why would people report her adopted daughter Instagram account for no single reason.

Most of her fans react to the post She made.


“thought you already started having

issue with her because you like

wahala too much E

Dey pass woto woto madam fake

nyash Allow her handle

her page by herself let’s see if we

will still hear this story Na

who no go no know”

#Arc Chidiebere Odegirigiri ;

“Na to date this girl na him I want

now oo, she is my type Etiko I go

like run body together with her she

go sweet”

#Juanita Kalu ;

“U wan use this one shift our

attention on plastic surgery

whatever they said u do? Nigerians

can not be confused, we are

smarter biko”

#Esther Edet ;

“Joining nollywood Industry is not

encourageable… They don’t care

about sick actors in the movie

industry but always ready to type

rip with crocodile tears.. a slap on

nollywood actors.”

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