How to Grow And Monetize Your Facebook page

Having you been asking how you can make money via Facebook page.

First of all I would work you through someways you can earn on Facebook.

Let get started by just creating a Facebook page.

1. Find a suitable name for your page easy to remember

2. Don’t Forget to Create a High Cove Pic for your Facebook page that represents your page.

3. Don’t forget to create a profile pics that to attractive for your page.

4. Don’t forget to write what your page is all about.

5. Don’t forget to choose a category that suit your page.

6. Don’t forget add an action page e.g WhatsApp number, Website Link, Contact page button, message Button.

After doing this you have successfully created your Facebook page.

For you to be able to be monetize you need to have at least 10k followers and likes and Also you page must be active in the last 28days before applying for monetisation . You would need at least 40,000 watch hours.

1. First always post engaging content

2. Always share your content on Facebook groups to get followers

3. Always post video to get more watch Hours

4. Always write engaging article and share.

5. Always post high quality pic

6. Always promote you content my running ads on Facebook page or group.

7. Don’t post copyright content e.g pictures and video or audio.

After doing all this you should be able to reach the requirement and monetize my Facebook page manager.

After applying wait in the next 24 hours for Facebook to accept your request.

Facebook would sent you an email that you have been accepted into Facebook monetisation.

After that you would be able to monetize your content or video my displaying ads.

Facebook monetisation tools

1. You can get paid for every post you write

2. You get paid for every view on your video.

3. You get paid when you do live broadcast either by donation from fans

4. You can sell your content or broadcast to your viewers

5. You viewers can support you with coins or badge which can be changed to real money.

Another ways to earn even if you have reach monetisation is by have a website of your own with ads showing you can use your Facebook page to drive sales for your business you can market your products and businesses or your ebook or you can drive your followers to your website to generate income when they view ads or click ads .

I hope with the little information I offered you you should be able to monetize your Facebook page and make money via your page with or without monetisation .


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