How to Grow And Monetize Your YouTube Channel

I know you might be wondering how you can make money from YouTube by Uploading your content daily.

First I will be walking you on how to get started.

1. Create a Gmail account for your channel

2. Find a suitable name for your channel easy to spell and easy to remember.

3. Find a niche that you love so much

4. Focus on creating Quality Content

5. Focus on getting Quality thumbnail

6. Find a good editing app

7. Always Research your title before uploading the video

8. Make sure your video discription is short and simple.

9. All post content regularly

10. Promote your channel daily on other social media platforms to boost traffic.

11. Don’t use copyright songs on your video.

12. Always make sure you video

13. Make sure the quality is suitable and encouragement.

14. Always encouraged your viewers to subscribe to your channel at the end of the video.

1.After doing this you are sure of reaching 1k Subscribers and 4kwatchhours.

2.After reaching the requirement you can head to your YouTube studio and apply for monetisation,After YouTube have accept you as a YouTube partner you are now quality to earn on all your video,Also those forgot to submit the necessary documents to be able to withdraw your fund.

3.Want to Earn more apart from YouTube partner program.

You can register on any website that pays you for just bringing new members to there website an earn for every person that click on your referrals link by example of affiliate program 1xbet,jumia and many more you can research and find the one that is suitable for your audience.

4.Content Creator can make money when advertiser want to promote there business with your content or channel most of this business can bid alot of money if they like your content and this can boost your followers and also help you reach more new audience because of this business usual spend alot of money promote your content.

For instant Glo can ask you to run a video that entertain audience to be part of there service don’t you think you would make alot of money from just one single video as requested from Glo partner.

5. You can make money by promoting you goods and services on your YouTube channel alot of YouTubers Do Make alot of sales for just marketing there product

6. You can make money via promoting your website if your website is monetize by either AdSense,Ezoic Ads, propeller ads,A-Ads and the rest you can get paid for any click on ads shown on your website or the number of Impression on that particular ads.

I hope you have been able to learn alot from this write up .

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