itstylishblog faq



Q: What Does ITSTYLISHBLOG Income Program Entails?

Ans: ITSTYLISHBLOG consist of Many ways to earn without stressing your self.

1. Sharing of Sponsored Posts

2. Sharing affiliate link

3. Clicking sponsored ads

2. Affiliate Opportunity(Optional)

4. Reading and view post(optional)

6. Watching Video (optional)

7. Playing Game(optional)

8. Transfering and sharing coin (optional )

9. Commenting on post (optional

10. Sharing post (optional)

11. Coupon vendor

Q : Does my subscription expires ?

Ans : No But you Have to buy coupon code to remain in the same package

Q: How long will it take me to be credited?

Ans: We pay you within 24hours of withdrawal.

Q: What are the minimum and maximum payout?

Ans: Minimum & maximum payouts are 5k and 100k depending on package .

Q: How much do you credit per referral?

Ans: We credit you ₦500 (stylishcoin) per referral depending on package

Q: How much do I earn per activity?

Ans: You earn up to 5000 (stylishcoin) per daily activities

Q: Is referral compulsory?

Ans: No! But it’s Highly recommended for you to earn more.

Q: What is itstylishblog source of income in paying out to her users?

Ans: We generate our income from network traffic and paid advertisements!!

Q: What are the Requirements?


A smart phone

Access to internet

About 15mins or less per day

A social media account to share Sponsors Post

Q :When will I see alert ?

A . Bank account to withdraw your money