I want Wike,I want Ozodimgba to listen to me verywell.What APC is carrying out today was laid down before 1960.Britain knew that Fulani hated igbo people because Britain hated igbo people.Why Britain hated igbo people is beyond me.The North hates the east,they love the yoruba alittle bit.that’s why they said
they are not leaving.What is this hate or hatred for the Igbo? what has thevigbos done?Tribal tension has been there before the 60’s and a masking people when will
this tension stop?A white man is asking ablack baboon from Africa why do you hate ablack
man like you.I want to prove to efulefus in the Zoo how the hatred in the Zoo today was
brought.Igbo people are ancient people”ndigboo”that is why the are occupying the centre of the world.Biafra is beyond what man can understand.How did they dominate you,because everywhere they go to even awhite man
will ask them to run their workWhen you hear other tribe joining them to castigated Biafra don’tblame them,Anybody who is castigating Biafra will not make heaven.This happened in the late 40’s and Buhari has replicated the same
northernisation and fulanisation.Now let me prove it to you that what this man is sayin gover60 years ago is
still active today.I have given you the first Fulani Gordyagenda of Fulanisation headed by
AmaduBelloareprobate.The daughter of AbbaKyariis the one controlling the whole money of the Zoo and all of you are there shouting one Nigeria like mad people.How God sent the unknown gunmen we don’t know but we are praying for
them.Let mere mind some of you fools like Hope Uzodima. He said we hijacked
ESN.Hope Uzodima don’t you wear Pampers and your fellow men are busy
destroying you.When they invite you to Sokoto that night you start sweating because you
know what they will do you in the night.NO MORE FUNDRAISING IN THE ZOO,YOU ARE SOLDIERS YOU STAY IN THE


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