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Sad Moment For Alicia Sierra When Luis Tamayo Hit The Panic Button (PHOTO’S)

Luis Tamayo is the new chief of operations concerning the bank robbery case of the Bank of Spain.

Luis Tamayo is a very short temper and gets easily annoyed whenever things do not go his way, often when the gang outsmart the police. He is seen to take his anger out on his colleagues.

Mrs Consuelo the wife of Luis Tamayo made a urgent call to Luis Tamayo following the threat from Alicia Sierra

The husband rush to check his wife on getting to the room where his wife was he was so curious because it was extremely silent but immediately him move forward he had the crying of a baby but after noticing danger Luis Tamayo put a panic button on his door which should begin in 2min.

Luis Tamayo was asking Alicia Sierra what she was doing in his house.

Having heard the question Alicia Sierra pointing toward her child saying.

“At this age, they’re like sponges. I don’t want you traumatizing her.

*While Luis Tamayo said if you touch one hair on my wife’s head I’ll kill you.

*Alicia Sierra said while pointing the gun to Luis Tamayo wife.

Luis Tamayo looking extremely anxious couldn’t said anything but played along.

*Luis Tamayo asked where is the professor and Alicia Sierra answered he is in my Custody.

*Alicia said to him withdraw all the lies you told about me and resign from your position and take full responsibility.

It’s your duty and then I will give you the Professor like a hero.

*Luis Tamayo said what if I don’t do it you think I would implicate myself over something I am not sure of .

*Luis Tamayo said you know what it means if I hit the panic button the police will be here any moment from now.

* Alicia Sierra having seen where he placed the panic button ran out for safety after hearing the police seren.

*Alicia Sierra was seen looking for where to hide but came across Professor so she threatend the professor but professor ask her that if she hand him over to the police she would remain in prison with her child having think about it Alicia Sierra had no other option than to listen to the professor plan.

While the professor was seen request for a room the hotel which the police was searching.

But Alicia Sierra had no other option than to help him open the door.


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