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See The Sad Moment Mrs Professor And Rio Was Seen Crying Got People Emotional (PHOTO’S)

The journey is becoming difficult for the members of Money Heist’s Dalí gang, but it has finally come to a climactic end with the release of season five part two on Netflix.

In Episode 1 Season 5part 2, Mrs Professor has to take the lead since Mr Professor is chasing after Alicia Sierra so that she won’t escape.

In the episode 1 Season 5 part 2, Mrs Professor Decided to call Rio to create a live broadcast so that they would tell the world how they lost Tokyo and Nairobi in the bank of Spain that they won’t survive so everyone should take note that it wasn’t an easy task in to the bank of Spain and also a difficult journey for the team in the bank of Spain.

Rio and Mrs Professor was seen crying after sending this emotional video through live streaming.

Alfonso Prieto has other his team to block the live streaming from reaching the world to no avail it wasn’t possible but Alfonso Prieto was seeing watching the emotional video.

After sending this broadcast people began protesting that they are not living the bank of Spain most of the people where heard shouting Professor.


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