Top 5 Best Video Editing Apps For Android Device

Still looking for the best video editing apps for your android device today I will be listing the top 5 video editing apps for your device.

1. Power Director : is an advanced video editing apps that can been use to edit movies,comedy,music video, Dance video e.t.c you can Also use it to edit any video you want.

Power Director has alot of advanced features such as ;

*Increasing the audio of your video.

*Change Audio and control your audio.

*Change the filter of your video with over 100 high quality filter.

*Adjustment of video light et.c

*Speed you can increase the speed or reduce the speed of your video.

*Effects you can use different ton of effects for your video power Director has over 100+ video effects e.g blurring of video.

*Stabilizer you can use this option to Adjust your video to look more stable.

*Skin smoother this can also be use to smooth unwanted part of your skin.

*Crop, Duplicate And Reverse, Rotate,you can crop your video duplicate a copy of your video and Also Change the rotation of your video and Also Reverse your video.

*Green Screen : You Change Change the background of your video and Also add amazing features or ideas that would suit your video using green screen.

2. Kinemaster :is the best video editing app for Android users to edit the videos on a professional level. Nowadays YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, etc. are going so fast in the field of video. So KineMaster Pro App is the best one to edit your videos.

Kinemaster seems easy to use than power Director but power has more resources and such as music, template, effects and lot more same kinemaster few which means you will have download your resources from other sources such as shutterstock.com and lot more.

Both kine master and power Director has chrome key!.

What is Chrome key ; is used to change the background of the video. It is a really advanced feature, usually, this advanced feature is found in PC Softwares. By applying the green screen in the video you can change your video’s background in any way you want. Marvel movies use this technique to edit the movie, it makes your video look more professional by changing the background. This feature is really useful for shooting professional videos for youtube so, that you can easily remove the background from your videos and also can change it.

Features of Kinemaster/Power Director;

*Full HD Videos And 100+ Video Template

*200+ Music and sound effects

*100+Effects Layer’s And 200+ Transition Effects

*500+ Shutterstock images and video.

*80+ Animated Titles and 60+ Overlay Effects .

*200+ stickers and Background pattern.

*Audio Denoise and Voice Changer

*Video Stabilizer and More Background Drop Shapes, And 50+ video Effects and 200+ filters.

3.Viva Cut : is highly A piece of professional creative video editing software.Be designed to meet the needs of global young users of social media for personalized creation. Helps users shape unique video styles and lead the trend of social media.Super useful in producing one’s own creative dynamic effects, instead of just applying templates.

Vivacut is the has the same features as Kinemaster and Both  Power Director.

Here are the feature of Viva Cut ;

*A Full Set of Editing Tools

*Key Frame Animation

*Easy-to-use Chroma Keying.

*VFX and Transition Effect

*Extended Special Effects Plugins

*Professional Video Masking

*Video Blending Mode

*Precise Curve Toning

4.Motion Ninja : is an impressive editor where users can find many professional features along with multi-layer support.

Features Of Motion Ninja;

*A Full Set of Editing Tools

*Key Frame Animation

*Easy-to-use Chroma Keying.

*VFX and Transition Effect

*Extended Special Effects Plugins

*Professional Video Masking

*Video Blending Mode

*Precise Curve Toning

5. Inshot : is an all-in-one visual content editing app. It allows you to create videos, edit photos, and create image collages. The app has plenty of features too. You can trim clips, change the speed of your footage, and add filters, music, and text.

Features of inshot ;

*100+ Music, Sound effects & Recorder

*60+ Video Transition Effects

*Video Filters & Video Effects

*Text & Sticker

*Video Speed Control

*Video Converter & Photo Slideshow Maker

*Ratio & Background

* High quality video Size and Format 1080P or 4K..

This are the top 5 video Editing apps for Android don’t forget to get the pro version and also make sure your mobile phone has alot of storage.

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