When an Unknown Number Calls You, Don’t Say “Hello,” Say this Instead To Avoid Being Scammed

The best you can do is to ring the first answer so that no one has a channel to joke with you. Your first response shows that you are certainly informed and educated. Therefore, the caller is wary of the movement that follows you. So you can answer the phone and politely ask how you can help. You can also say “Tell me who you are talking to” or “Please introduce yourself”. This is a more informative and stylish etiquette. caller does not respond well, he or she is probably a scammer. Some of them end the conversation immediately from fear.
If you can reply “hello” and have a conversation without a proper referral, they will know that you can easily fall into their trap. Try to be formal, polite and strict. From time to time the employer will call you to provide you with a job. Therefore, you do not have to be rude to him or her.
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By saying hello might give the scammer the opportunity to draw informations about your profile if not properly secured. The best way is ignore the call, scammer never call twice, except someone who knows you may call twice or repeatedly.
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They can call repeatedly. Maybe you have not jammed any.linda ndafiahThe right way is to say “hello” and then listen to the information the caller intend to confer, If the information is not straight to the point and meaningful you end the call.
my simple believe is that when any person you might not know calls the should state the reason for calling but when they fail to feed you with that much information. You should drop the call as simple as that.Simon JekeliWho is calling please? In an an argument you could ask Who He intended calling.
If he is a familiar people, tell him how you Lost his number.


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