“You Can’t Be Giving Your Children Goya Oil To Rub On Their Private Parts To Remain Virgins”, See Reactions As Rev Father Says Goya Oil Is Just A Cooking Oil And Not Anointing Oil

Faith Ozichi wrote: “Oga why not go strength to the point and tell us u are tired of the calling and go marry instead of making unnecessary headlines every week.”

Ada Uburu wrote: “The only what I have problem with is the fake one. Anything you know can work wonders for you if you believe. No Christian ever went to the market, get Goya oil open it and start using it immediately without praying on it and using it as a point.”

Oti Ugo write: It doesn’t matter the type of oil it’s, ones it has been blessed by a man of God, it is called anointing oil Sir.”

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Your miracle is within you. It doesn’t depend on any material thing. Don’t forget that you are the temple of God Almighty. The Reverend Father is right. He is just trying to enlightened us about the dangers of taking this oil in large quantities, in the name of miracles.

Let it be according to your faith
even with all his good teaching’s and advice still, some stupid Nigerians will not learn
that’s why I don’t feel pity to anyone that falls victim to all this fake pastors.

much ado about nothing.

I wonder why we Christians most times make a mess of certain biblical practices, anointing oil, Goya or not any time a need arises can be used. There’s no where is written in Bible that if a particular brand of oil not used a sick person can’t be healed; Our Lord Jesus mixed up spit and sand to heal a blind man’s eyes. Let us not major on the minor leaving the major “go and preach the gospel of salvation to all and recover souls to the kingdom of God. Thanks.
the Rev Father is warning that there is health implications when you gulp the oil you use in frying eggs as if you are drinking fanta.


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